Listen to a description of our consulting and training services

Call: 402-334-8025

We offer on and off site consulting for:

  • Process engineering for all forms of grinding
  • Evaluating present Grinding processes
  • Maximizing your grinding processes
  • Complete and detailed reporting and follow-up
  • Recommending and developing new grinding process and equipment
  • Pre-run off for grinding equipment
  • Programming with "Opto 22 Factory Floor Software"

Supporting abrasive manufacturing:

  • Marketing and Sales evaluation
  • Engineering support (including field support)


Call: 402-334-8025

We can set training seminars (at your facility) directed to any specific audience including; engineering, supervisors, operators, sales personnel, any level requested.

We will try and honor any request - Areas we have supported are listed below:

  • Programming with "Opto 22 Factory Floor Software"
  • Grinding versus Hard Turning
  • Hard Turning (PCD and PCBN)
  • Maximizing the grinding process
  • Dressing and truing
  • Coolant - importance in grinding
  • Balance - importance in grinding
  • Grinding formulations and how they can help YOU such as:
    • Q' (Q prime) for all areas of grinding
    • "G" ratio
    • Coolant flow and pressure formulations
    • Balance calculations and formulation
    • Calculating number of pieces per dress
    • Calculating wheel life
  • Conventional versus Superabrasive grinding
  • Types of grinding processes:
    • Cylindrical - Centerless - Surface
    • HEDG (High Efficient Deep Grinding)
    • Creep-Feed
    • Peel

Call: 402-334-8025 or write us at and lets discuss the opportunities

Listen to a description of our consulting and training

Consulting Pages

Per Job (maximum 3 days on site):$5,000.00*
Travel Days:Included
Report & Follow-up data:Included
(All expenses and/or additional costs are extra
dependent on the agreed fee arrangement)
* Fees depend on Specifics of job so please call

Opto 22 Factory Floor Software - Per Day:900.00
Training Services, minimum per day:2,500.00
(includes "Grinding Basics" book for each participant
for up to 30 persons per training session)
Note: For more than 30 participants additional
books $25.00 ea
Travel Days:Included
(All expenses and/or additional costs are extra)
*Insurance umbrella for Dale Savington only for a total of 2 million dollars for bodily injury and/or property damage claims.